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Helping People Navigate Life's Paths Using Tarot Cards and Cartomancy

I Use The Science of Astrology and Tarot

Ancient Systems Based Upon The Esoteric And The Exoteric Workings Of A

Person's Astrological Birth and Name

For The Purpose Of Gaining Insight And The Potential Of Personal Questions And Concerns

Your Birth And Name Consists Of Planetary, Astrological, Elemental

And Celestial Placements In

Your Astrological Signs

There Is More To These Systems

Systems That Have Credible Accuracy. Since Ancient Egypt And

Early Century Astronomers Began Documenting Hidden Meanings The Messages

The Hidden Is No Longer A Mystery With NeferSistar's Tarot

NeferSistar's Readings Uncover & Reveal What "Can" Happen

Transitional Forces Are Uncovered From Events

Functioning In Your Present

With The Potential To Create Future Events

NeferSistar Uncovers What Is Hidden

Unconscious Paths Limiting One's Clarity About

Situations & Circumstances Are Knowable

All Readings Are Confidential

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