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Tarot Spread Descriptions
Tarot Card Reader
Spread # 1
The Tree of Life
​The Tree of Life reading uncovers relationships and emotional energy surrounding you. It is a reading with solid concerns that are active in your life.
Spread #2
Love and Relationship
Know where you stand in a relationship. This reading goes straight to the heart of a matter.
Spread #3
Love, Finances, Health, & Home
Love, Finances, Health, & Home uncovers active energies in areas around relationships, prosperity, home, and areas concerning your health. This reading looks at areas that need immediate attention.
Spread #4
Creates a structure around a personal matter of importance to uncover the direction it is heading.
Spread #5
Grand Tableau
An in depth reading that uncovers the direction your life is heading.
For universal readings that resonant with your heart and mind
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